The first root to emerge from a seed.

It Starts at the Root

As a seed becomes a plant, the sprout reaches for the sun and simultaneously the first true roots ground it within the earth. This process of reaching for the sky while being grounded within the Earth inspired Radicle Farm to grow unique greens for both the Michelin-starred chef and the everyday kitchen warrior. We are awed by the power of the greens we grow. We want you to experience that power, so we intervene in nature's plan as little as possible. We use no unnatural pesticides or fertilizers at our New York and New Jersey farms.

Sustainability Should Follow Nature

We take pride in letting nature guide us and we see both the beauty in the imperfection of a longer stem of a salad leaf to the artful cut of a julienne beet. Our salad mixes tell the story of the seasons on our farms, reclaiming our collective birthright of natural food produced by a new breed of farmers who were once incarcerated persons to former factory workers in rust belt America, each developing a new life within the green economy.

Making an outrageously good curated salad while doing good for the people we work with and the planet is just right. If this makes us radical, we think there is probably a bit of Radicle within you.


And we think you will too. Check out what we have and let us know if you need something custom, we specialize in bulk orders for meal delivery, CSA’s and restaurants.