The Streets Are Talking

Would these guys lie?

Radicle is our rock-solid go to source for greens.The product is always perfect!

Donna Williams CEO and Founder Field Goods

Radicle Farm Company provides us not only with vibrant greens grown year-round, but a 'just picked' quality that is completely exceptional.

Michael Anthony Executive Chef & Partner, Gramercy Tavern; Executive Chef & Managing Director, Untitled and Studio Cafe at the Whitney

Know Your Farmer,

Know Your Food

Things we like: our greens, our staff, our customers

Things we don’t care for: harmful pesticides, food waste, bacon bits

We’ve chosen our growing facilities – 60,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space in New Jersey and upstate New York – intentionally. By growing at these sites, we are able to¬†employ both rural and urban farmers, maximize the growing potential of otherwise forgotten space, and provide fresh greens to customers in four major metropolitan regions within 300 miles of our greenhouses. California is a great place to visit, but we prefer the northeast.

Radicle Farm Co.

A Perpetual Harvest

Radicle Farm Company grows greens year-round in New Jersey and upstate New York. We ship our greens within 24 hours of harvest, and deliver them within a 300-mile radius of our greenhouses. That way, they're as fresh for you as they are for us (...and, you know, we're farmers...)

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